Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh No!!!

Don’t get excited!  Nothing bad happened….I just forgot to blog yesterday…and I have no excuse…I have at least 3 blogs I have been working on in the evenings.  I just simply forgot to edit and post one.

But Today is a whole new story,, I will at least get something written and post…although it may not really have a real subject matter….Just ramblings of a bored mind.

My son’s alarm clock woke me up today and I was a little upset…I was having a good dream where I was in my daughter’s home (I think anyway) and we were sharing a few laughs and the kids…I don’t know what else we were doing as I woke up in the middle!!! And you know how it is, you can go back to sleep, but the dream is never the same.

Anyway…My son has had this weird schedule all week…If you remember, (or did I tell you this??? there goes my mind again!) I got yelled at on Sunday because I didn’t know my son’s work schedule and he was over an hour late for work.  First of all, he is almost 28 years old….I shouldn’t have to tell him to get off the computer,  go to bed at a reasonable hour, set your alarm and get up on your own!  And when his schedule changes sometimes daily, how am I suppose to know if he doesn’t tell me!  Anyway, he usually doesn’t work Mondays or Tuesdays….But this week he worked both days….He usually goes to work at 3 p.m…..but for the past 2 days he has gone to work at 11 a.m…..He is usually off work around 9 and that hasn’t changed…he just always doesn’t come right home….with my car….I really don’t use the car anymore except on Fridays to go to the grocery store now…I know when he does get home, because my husband’s Chihuahua starts barking…whether he is covered up or not!

So I’m up early…which lately for me is 10 a.m…I lay down at 9 p.m., and turn the TV off after the news at 11, but my mind keeps me awake or restless at least until 3 a.m..

Last evening, getting rather bored with summer re-runs, I watched PBS and saw an episode if Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility”.  For those of you who have never seen this; it is a charming story about  The ladies Dashwood; Elinor and Marianne and their romantic encounters….Charming people and sometimes a heart wrenching story as I have found myself wanting to slap a few of the characters….No I am hoping to catch the next episode, if I can find out when it airs next.


This morning, I played my usual games on the computer, then decided I had better try to get the grass cut while it wasn’t raining.  So I had to look for my shoes (after all it is summer and I go barefoot most of the time) and unlock the garage. I barely got through cutting the back yard when Mother Nature decided the grass needed watering.  So I trudged on in the rain hoping to get it all finished before the sky opened up and let loose it’s usual downpour.  That having been done, I cleaned the mower and put it away…unlike some of my male counterparts who just put it away without cleaning.

Now I am back to the computer.  And I think I have done pretty well on making something out of nothing.  Later when my middle son wakes up and before the youngest comes home from work, I think we will take off on a walk and go out somewhere to eat…Don’t get excited there either!!! It will probably just be a burger and fries.

So to all my friends, thanks for reading…I am in a fairly good mood today, but happiness is still out of reach…The promise from my grandson to keep in touch must rely on my cell phone being on…and I still have a week before I can restore the service.

Hugs and Love to all!



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